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Come, gaze into the dark confines of my mind, if you dare...You might say I've carved a nice niche in the Horror genre. I've sold over 100 stories. I'm an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association; that means I've got a license to kill, uh, I mean thrill!

Evil Inside

Crimson Screams is a state of mind. When fear and imagination collide, the possibilities are endless. Follow me on on Bluesky, Medium, X.

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I write all the time; on the subway, as I drift off to sleep...I'm probably working on a new story right now. I have a very active imagination; I carry a notebook around with me all the time to jot down the ideas that come and go, though I don't always use them.

Reading at Lovecraft Bar in NYCI'm always searching for inspiration and I don't have to look far in New York City, it lurks 'round every corner, waiting to pounce...

I'm not that scary, if you overlook the wild look in my eyes...Actually people are always shocked when I mention that I'm a writer and that horror is the emotion I find most fascinating.

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